About Us

Boutique Investment Banking Firm

Unique Approach

We spend time with our clients to get a profound understanding of their business and their business development needs. We only take on mandates with strong commitment from the client with a willingness to share information in a timely manner and a realistic deal proposition with a high probability of success. We normally represent the sell side through an exclusive mandate agreement and never represent both the sell side and buy side on the same transaction. We work in an open and transparent manner sharing information with our clients and expect the same from our clients based on mutual trust and integrity.

Vietnam Focus

Our business is designed for only one ultimate goal helping international investors successfully partner with Vietnamese businesses and vice versa. Our commitment to this mission means we constantly invest in developing relationship with local businesses, actively conduct research to understand clients as well as partner with other advisors to create a long-lasting trusted position in Vietnam business community.
Our typical clients are owners of private small to medium sized profitable Vietnamese companies looking for financing of investments to upgrade and grow their business in the domestic market and/or export markets.

Independent Opinion

No side-business, no other interest tied with any financial organization, Impact Vietnam is dedicated to provide advisory service with a fair, neutral thoughtful opinion for the best outcome for both parties.
We believe that our track record and our brand reputation are built on our clients’ successes and our objective position which is far more important than our revenue so that we commit to deliver excellent results in everything we do based on fact-based evidence.

Guided by most radical principles

Our commitment to create long-lasting impact means that Impact Vietnam delivers practical and effective solutions to unearth with sustainability, the core values that transform business over the long-term.

CEO & Managing Director

Exceptional Execution Quality

We believe that quality takes precedence over quantity. Excellence is fostered by personal accountability and the quest for constant improvement

Relationship - driven

As client always come first, our client-centric stategy is to build a culture of relationships with clients based on trust, value and not only on price

Acting toward

Always acting with honesty, integrity, and transparency is embedded in our business culture.