Our Services

Advisory products

M&A Advisory

Our M&A capabilities span from buy-side to sell-side advisory including transferring majority of ownership of business, strategic asset buyout transaction and facilitating acquisition deal for market consolidation & business expansion.

Private Placement

Our fundraising service include minority equity offerings where we help companies access patient capital sources such as secondary share exit, issuance of primary shares to raise growth capital for business expansion and for working capital.

Debt Instrument

Our debt advisory service specializes in seeking international loans or finding investors for corporate bonds with competitive interest rate. Our clients include exporters, logistics and real estate companies.

What we do


Our works focus on specifics tasks such as advising on encompassing overall financing strategy, preparing pitching documents, converting raw number into financial language ones and identifying suitable targets.


We take responsibility for all transaction activities from preparation, target identification, investor pitching, meeting arrangements, Due Diligence facilitation and deal closing. We also work on keeping communication updated and contribute to pricing negotiations with investors.


Our work focus on communication with potential investors to introduce investment opportunities on an anonymous basis. All sensitive business information will be kept confidential until a Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed.


We are constantly looking for partnership development with highly respected financial institutions and international banking groups to strengthen our investor network.

Industry sectors

Our expertise specializes in sourcing high quality, sizable operating assets for acquisitions such as office buildings, resorts, 5-star hotels and industrial properties.
We are looking for property with well-located locations, high construction quality and proven occupancy rates.

With a sizable and young population of approx. 100 million, Vietnam has one of the fastest disposal income growth rates in South-East Asia and strong consumer purchasing powers. The consumer market is currently experiencing high growth rate, showing promising opportunities for both local and foreign manufacturers and retailers.
We help local corporates raise capital for strategic investments in expanding manufacturing capabilities, increasing working capital.
Our clients in this industry includes Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), garment industry, confectionery products, personal care products, retail store chains, and manufacturers and wholesalers of other products.

Having an abundant nature with resources of arable lands, waters and labors, Vietnam is one of the largest agriculture producers and exporters of products which are increasingly demanded by both local and international markets such as rice, seafoods, coffees, tropical fruits and spices. Vietnam agribusiness is transforming from low-value and undifferentiated commodity products and low food safety to modern processing requiring significant capital investments.
Impact Vietnam helps local processors raise equity and debt to transform processing capabilities.
Our clients in these industries include seafood processors and exporters, fruits juice processors, and livestocks companies.

Benefiting from a booming economy, increasing local consumption, being a hub for manufacturers & export, logistics industry has witnessed a high growth rate in recent years and is expected to continue a growth with a rate of more than 10% per year in the next 5 years.
Our expertise helps clients in capture growth opportunities through equity capital or debt offerings for business expansion at both project and holding level as well as engages in M&A activities such as acquisition of operating warehouses, industrial properties or logistics service providers.

Vietnam’s power system is in transition. Over the past five years, the power load has increased at an average of about 10 percent a year, a staggering pace. Renewables have a large potential for investments currently only accounting for 3% of the total supply.
We help foreign investors in acquiring high quality operating assets or investing in greenfield projects such as solar farms and wind mill farms.

Vietnamese healthcare spending is expected to reach USD 19.3 billion, grow at 6.3% CAGR from USD 19.3 billion in 2019. In 2017, health expenditure was close to USD 130 per capita still relatively low when compared to other Asia countries. Low capacity of public hospitals, low public funding and few private hospitals and clinics create opportunities for a larger private market.
Our clients in this industry include hospitals, clinic chains, pharmaceutical manufactures, testing and diagnostic services companies and medical device traders.